Secrets of a collection

Credit Andorra Art Collection

With the same care and dedication with which an artist gives life to his work with brush strokes, in 1987, Credit Andorra created its Art Collection..

Today, the Credit Andorra Art Collection is primarily made up of a collection of Catalan paintings that brings together a hundred paintings of renowned Catalan painters from the seventeenth century to the end of the nineteenth century, a unique collection of twenty Catalan domestic clocks of the eighteenth century, and an exceptional piece of great historical value, the predella of the altarpiece of the church of St. Michael of Prats, the work of the Master of Canillo.

The secrets of our collection are the sensitivity and willingness to contribute to the preservation of the collective memory which our organization intends to achieve through collecting, safeguarding works of art that could disappear and that represent a tangible evidence of the historical moments forming part of the roots of our past, and through constantly searching for works of art of high quality that are representative of specific periods and artistic movements.

On behalf of Credit Andorra I would like to say a few words of thanks, for the outcome of this publication, to our art consultants, Mr. James Xarrié and Mrs. Gemma Martin and to our gallery photographer, Mr. Jaume Blassi, who in addition to being great professionals, love the collection and have given all their hearts to this project

With the publication of this book we would like to open the doors of our Art Fund and invite you to visit it and spend some time with the different ways to see the beauty of the landscapes, the light and colors that give our gallery a real feeling of history.


Antoni Pintat Santolària
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Credit Andorra