Fifty years. Fifty works of art

Collection of paintings of Credit Andorra

"Great pens have written the lines of history, the same way that the brush strokes of the great masters of painting have. They have all expressed, through their art, the collective memory of our society. It is also with the universal language of art that we open the doors of our house today ".


"The Credit Andorra collection is formed in accordance with pre-established guidelines, well-defined and requiring our constant attention [...]: it begins in the seventeenth century, the one in which the practicality of the Catalan national character becomes evident in the work of Antoni Viladomat; it tiptoes by the eighteenth century because, although we would be happy to adjust our criteria if we were presented with the works of art of the said period sufficiently representative of the qualities that we are looking for, we now consider that the social upheavals and wars that affected the country at the time were grinding its spirit; it explores the nineteenth century, in which the Neoclassical and Romance styles serve a bourgeoisie that progresses and regains its identity, it continues with Modernism that is blooming in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and it continues to Noucentism and then covers various trends and schools through the distribution by cycles. [...] I think highlighting fifty works from its collection of paintings is an appropriate way to commemorate the first fifty years Credit Andorra. It shows and propagates what is considered the best of the cultural work we are doing for Andorra, the work that is still underway. This is the best guarantee of continuity. "


Antoni M. Cadena
Journalist and art critic