The Credit Andorra Art Fund is an art space open on the Internet, which will allow the viewing of a significant part of the Credit Andorra Gallery, a collection of works that we have cultivated and grown for over a quarter of a century.  Since its inception, our desire was to make a selection of works by prioritizing quality over quantity, always focusing on major works of the great names in Catalan painting.
As a company strongly identified with Andorra, we also feel justly pleased to have helped recover two pieces which are truly exceptional for their historical value and represent a great treasure of our national heritage: the predella and one of the central boards, the "Apparition on Mount Gargan," of the altarpiece of St. Michael of Prats; we are proud to be able to show them to the world.

The Credit Andorra Art Fund was born thanks to the skill and enthusiasm of its Board of Directors and mainly thanks to Mr. Jaume Casal i Vall, board member and a person endowed with an exquisite sense of art and a truly balanced collector's criteria.  The work of Mr. Jaume Xarrié, antiquarian and art consultant, was also instrumental as it gave continuity and shape to what is now the gallery. To all, our most sincere thanks.

Jaume Casal Mor
Chairman of the Board
Credit Andorra


Culture finds in art one of its richest manifestations, expressed in a wide range of disciplines that draw the creator and the public closer to a voluntarily shared reality in time and space. 

The Credit Andorra Art Fund conveys the essence of our desire to share with all of you a collection of representative artwork of various authors, periods and movements, selected over a 25 year time period with the care and artistic rigor which made the gallery become, overall, one of the most important art galleries in the country.

I invite you to take a look at the golden age of Catalan painting through 
the works of artists such as Antoni Viladomat, Isidre Nonell, Ramon Casas or Anglada Camarasa, complemented by a unique collection of twenty Catalan clocks from the eighteenth century, and a jewel of the Andorran cultural heritage. 

The Credit Andorra Gallery has existed for more than a quarter of a century and would like to now open its doors to the eyes of everyone, students, critics and the general public, with the purpose of encouraging, promoting and disseminating knowledge and culture.

Josep Peralba Duró
Managing Director and CEO
Crèdit Andorrà